Name: Zephyr

Born- August 4th, Age 754

Height- 5'3

Weight-106 lbs


Shadow Man -Boss/Conrade

Euphoria -Conrade

(Link-Shadow League )

 Zephyr is a member of the Shadow League. She works for the Shadow Man. She is grown up, but she is a little obnoxious and spacey.

Zephyr has complete control over wind. She can attack you with wind or ride on it.

Zephyr is the goddess of wind.

Techniques/Special Abilities Edit

-the ability to control wind

-kai blast


Roar of Boreas- uses the north wind to freeze opponent

Cry of Notus- Can summon south wind that melts through wood and metal.

Wail of Eurus- (least powerful attack) Can blow an opponent away

Breath of Zephyrus- (most powerful attack) a terrifying power that can knock down entire cities at once.


Zephyr is spacey. She is also sad and honest. She is also evil.