Alternate Names:

Xicor Son

Son Zaiko


Xicor Smiley


Born-Age 762



West Kaioshin -Mother

Goku -Father

Tato -Wife

Seror -Son

Tomi -Daughter

Cabe -Daughter

Xicor Jr. -Son

Aimo -Daughter


Personality Edit

Xicor is pretty much the same old Xicor as before (cruel, sadistic, merciless) Though he does care about Tato and their children. He is EXTREMELY respectful of Tato.

Before Dragonball GW Edit

Xicor was defeated by Tato 17 years before GW. But she brought him back to her castle (she thought that Xicor would be a powerful ally.) When he regains consciousness, he states that he went easy on her and that their fight wasn't fair. Tato laughs replying that she KNEW he was at full power, but that he is still very strong, and could be a great ally to her. Xicor then callenges her to a rematch, where if she won, he would serve her, but if he won, she would be his servant. Tato grins evilly, then says she accepts his challenge. But once again, Xicor lost. So he asked what his first task was. Tato laughs replying that she isn't going to make him pamper her or anything, but she wants him to train really hard, and get stronger. But once she's seen that he wasn't becoming a better fighter, she offered to train him. She taught him many strategies and forms, and before he knew it he was a better fighter than anyone else who served her. One night, he asks her why she trained him instead of making him spoil her. Tato states that making him pamper her would just make the both of them weaker, and that she wanted him to get stronger, and smarter, so he can take on just about anyone, also because she wanted him to move on to a higher level than her servant. Then he told her that he would always be loyal to her. Then, he knew Tato was the one...................then Tato had their first son, Seror, then 2 years later, they had twin girls, Tomi and Cabe.........then Xicor Jr. and Peppyr.

Dragonball GW Edit

Xicor returns to Earth to DESTROY the Z-Fighters, and all the other residents of that planet. But this time, he has brought along his daughters to make sure he doesn't loose. Goku has gotten a lot stronger, and achieved the super saiyan 6 transformation. But he is still isn't enough to defeat Xicor and his children.