We all know that gods and goddessesare extremely powerful. They're immortal, so who could possibly be a challenge to them except for other immortals?

However, it was discovered that there are "Type X" humans who are powerful enough to fight gods and not get creamed.

Type X humans have EXTREMELY high power levels.

Type X- HumansEdit

There are humans who are born with the Type X ability. Blade is a perfect example of a Type X human. Blade is an ordinary human, but she can fight Tomi and Cabe.

A less perfect example of a Type X human is Blade's sister Maska. Maska is a Type X human just like her sister, but she is hardly powerful enough to challenge gods. Her real ability is her sneakiness. Surprise is her major advantage. She also is very hard to harm. However, she is a much less powerful Type X human than her sister.

Type X- AndroidsEdit

Mecha/Android Infinity is the universe's most powerful android. She is not a goddess, but she is an extremely difficult opponent to beat. This is mainly because she constantly "upgrades" and gains the powers of everyone she fights. However, since she is not a goddess, she is technically "Type X".