Alternate Names:

Turor Son

Demonic Prince


Born-December 22, Age 790



Xicor -Father

Tato -Mother

Seror -Brother

Pamy -Sister

Cabe -Sister

Xicor Jr. -Brother

Aimo -Sister

Turor is the son of Xicor and Tato, and the brother of Seror, Pamy, Cabe, Xicor Jr., and Aimo. His name pun is on 'turnip'. He appears in Toyble's Dragonball AF, Gracon's (and Marshmallow's) Dragonball GW & ER.

Personality Edit

Turor is down right INSANE! (Ex. He tries to kill people with vegetables)

Techniques/Special Abilities Edit

-Kai Blast



-Muteki Kai

Trivia Edit

-He was one of the only characters that Gracon and Marshmallow didn't create.

-Turor is the god of evil.

-He is the (younger)twin brother of Seror.

-Turor's Kai is Lime Green.