Tartar is the second dimension. Tartar is known as the "Prison Dimesnion" because it is a punishment dimension that causes only misery.

There are two levels of Tartar:

Level 1: The "Prison"Edit

The "Prison" is the level in which the innocent who were wrongly accused go. Sending someone to the "Prison" takes less energ than it does to send them to Level 2: The "Pit". In the "Prison" they are stuck inside places with wilted trees, gloomy corridors, and even volcanos.

Level 2: The "Pit"Edit

The "Pit" is normally reserved for the guilty. It takes a very powerful god to send a person/god to the "pit". The "Pit" punishes people in a symbolic way, often using their own weakness against them. (For example, if you would trap Tato, it would be an endless room filled with mirrors.)