Shimmer is a member of the Shadow League. She has the ability to crate and control any gemstone of her choosing.

Shimmer creates her clothing using what she calls "microdiamonds", which can make even a tee shirt tougher than a suit of armor while still being light and thin.

Shimmer is the younger sister of Metallum, who is also a member of the shadow league who has similar abilities.


After the Shadow League was defeated, Shimmer was accidentally teleported to Gemmazon. When the aliens saw her power, they made her ruler of the planet.

Metallum once made a deal with Seror- that Seror would manipulate the lifeline of Coil to make her suffer eternally. However, Metallum promised to serve Seror for this to happen. When Metallum backed out, Seror took Shimmer as revenge. When Goten saved her, Shimmer revealed her true name: Terykai. Terykai then joined the Z fighters and started dating Goten. She is the brains of the Z Fighters.


Despite her ditzy and sometimes shallow personality, Shimmer is very intelligent. Shimmer's "ditzy and shallow personality" is actually, in reality, an act, which leads people to underestmate her intelligence.

Triviar thEdit

  • Shimmer has a pink streak in her that matches the type of color of the type of gem she is controlling and manipulating. Here's a list of colors-

Red- Ruby or Garnet

Blue- Diamond or Sapphire

Green- Emerald

Yellow- Topaz

Purple- Amethyst

Black- Onyx