Seror Son

Alternate Names:

Dark Prince

Seror Sama

Death Lord

IMG 0714

Seror Smile


Born-December 21, Age 791




Xicor -Father

Tato -Mother

Pamy -Sister

Cabe -Sister

Xicor Jr. -Brother

Aimo -Sister

Seror is the son of Tato and Xicor, and the brother of Pamy and Cabe. His name pun is on the literal vegetable, 'Celariac'. He appears in the Dark Goddess Saga, the Erebus Saga etc.)

Personality Edit

Seror is shown as sadistic, cruel, merciless, and PURE EVIL!!!!!!!

Techniques/Special Abilities Edit

-Muteki Kai



-(the ability to make people hate eachother, or experience extreme sadness)

-Mind Control

-Kai Blast



-Parasitic Doom (the ability to kill someone with thought)

-(control of someone's life/death)

Trivia Edit

-Seror trains his little sister Pamy.

-He is closest to Tato, Xicor, and Pamy.

-Seror is the god of death.'

- Bellica, the war goddess, is in love with him.

-He has Black Kai.