Alternate Names:

Peppyr Son


Born-June 21, Age 803

Height-3 or 4 ft

Weight- 40 lbs


Tato -Mother 

Xicor -Father

Seror -Brother

Tomi -Sister

Cabe -Sister

Xicor Jr. -Brother

Maiz -Grandmother

Broly -Grandfather

Fura -Aunt

Caror -Cousin

Goku -Grandfather

West Kaioshin -Grandmother

 Peppyr is a little girl with an extraordinary amount of power. Peppyr is revealed to have the powers of all the main deities (Tato, Fura etc.). However, she cannot control these powers.

Peppyr is kidnapped by the Neo-Tato's Elite. A team is sent out to bring her back: Cabe, Gine, and Maska. Cabe is the leader of this team. However, when the order is to send her to the 6th Universe, a dismal place where she will be a mere husk of herself, Cabe and Maska waver.

Blade, however, uses her Tartar Twins and heartlessly sends the girl to 6th Universe.

However, Peppyr's kai sends her back a few months later. Now however, she has been transformed into an adult. She refuses to call herself Peppyr, and goes by her new villain name, Neo-Peppyr.

When Neo-Peppyr is reformed, she agrees to be the deity of spirits and of  the afterlife (Heaven). Although her power level still remains as high as it was before, she no longer has control over other goddess's powers.

Dragonball GW Edit

The Z-Fighters and the three girls hear of a girl who is in trouble (Peppyr). They come to rescue her, and succeed. However, Neo-Tato block their exit with a Maiz-quality forcefield that will not let them leave as long as they have Peppyr. Blade sends her to the 6th Universe after realizing it is the only way for them to leave without Peppyr being in the clutches of the villains.




Interdimentional Control


Peppyr was a kind and sweet little girl,with a hint of sass, but as Aphsodel, she is revenge-driven. Evantually, she becomes calmer. Peppyr, after she is reformed, loves teasing her brother about how her power makes his power seem less important.


Peppyr is usually seen as a child, and she is often in her ghostlike state. However, when she is battling, she transforms into a full-grown woman.