We do love the idea of other dbz fans contributing on our doujinshi, but we don't accept a bunch of (nonrealistic to the Dragonball Series) characters all willy-milly. We will put together contests to see the OC/RPC which is the most cannon to the Dragonball Series, then offer to put that OC/RPC into our doujinshi.

If you want to enter, here are some tips.... Edit

  • If you're going to make a girl (we have waaaaaay too many already [we like female characters, but still, waaaay too many; so pleeeeease make it a guy]) don't make her some sorta shopaholic teenager who is obnoxious; make her more like Pan (go to to see Pan)
  • If you're going to make a guy, don't make him like a sitcom character, or prince charming. Make him more like Goku (for a hero) and Xicor (for a villain).
  • NEVER make an OC/RPC wear too much jewelry (better with no jewelry)