Android Infinity, or Mecha was created to be the "ultimate android". She is called "Android Infinty" because she is always updating herself. She gets more powerful each battle. Android Infinity is able to observe power and then possess it. This makes her a very tough opponent to beat.

Mecha is the most android-like of all of the androids. Her voice sounds slightly robotic,and she speaks as if she has no emotion. However, she has very strong emotions, and despite her best efforts to hide them, she reveals her softer side occasionally.

Mecha is obsessed with perfection. Her personality, when it was downloaded into an android body, was a bitter adolescent who had been tricked, used, and abused her entire life. she believed androids to be the superiors of all creation. She believes herself to be the embodiment of perfection. Although Mecha tends to be cordial to fellow androids, she despises Cell, believing him to be "a freakish insult to all of android kind".

Mecha refused to be defined by a number, as she was truly a unique android. She therefore came up with the name "Mecha".


Mecha is trememdously powerful. She is roughly as powerful as Tato. She has even proved to be a match for Xicor.


  • Mecha tries to bury her strong emotions, but they sometimes show. She can also be very emotionless, intelligent, and calculating.