Alternate Names:

Nino Son


IMG 0938

Nino in her cell


Born-Oct. 13, Age 790


Weight-101 lbs


Tato -Mother

Xicor -Father

"Existence is a disease that clings to beautiful nothingness."- Maska to Cabe

"Dancing on a field of broken dolls. . . riding on a fallen angels wings. . . drowning, drowning, to your death. . . while the sweet siren sings."- Maska while singing to herself

Maska, born as Nino, is a daughter of Tato and Xicor. Nino was an odd baby, who breathed normally, but never cried. Although Nino, was build with two beautiful blue eyes, she became corrupted, and one of her eyes gradually turned red.  Maiz told Tato that Nino was an apocolypse goddess, and would bring about the eradication of existence. Tato was torn. Fura, of course, was against killing the child, but she acknowledged that it was Tato's decision alone. Tato, with the help of her sister, locked Nino up in an asylum, and put her in a straitjacket that allowed her to survive without any sort of sustenance, as well as (and the jacket was not intended to do this) strengthen her intelligence. Nino's power grew without any training, and a over a decade later, she had escaped. She had redesigned her straiitjacket so that she could move freely.

Nino had become insane due to isolation. She hated existence, since she stated that existence "rejected" her. She formed a plan to get rid of all existence by planting Infinity Bombs, which could kill ANYTHING, even gods.


Maska wears a white straitjacket, and has somewhat messy black hair. One of her eyes is blue, while the other one is red. She has a row of scars on her upper arm, which she claimed to have given herself so she could "feel something". These scars are rarely visible. She has no piercings of tattoos.


Maska is shown to be slightly masochistic, as well as slightly sadistic. She can be shown to be quite childlike and disconnected at times, indulging in childlike pastimes such as playing with dolls. At other times, she sounds almost sane. Maska can be a bit spacey at times, like Zephyr, but in a much more twisted way.


Foot Tap- The tapping of her foot can lead to an earthquake

Voice- Her voice can annihilate all in hearing range.

Eye- One glance at her eyes can cripple even the strongest goddess.

Smile- Set things on fire.

(She does not reveal any attacks at first. The "attacks" listed above are just her natural movement.)