Alternate Names:

The Celestial Warrior

The Celestial Saiyan

Maiz Sama

Space Empress

IMG 0773

Maiz Talking To Fura


Born- When time began

Height- 6'0

Weight-105 lbs


Broly -Husband

Tato -Daughter

Fura -Daughter

Seror -Grandson

Tomi -Grandaughter

Cabe -Grandaughter

Xicor Jr. -Grandson

Caror -Grandson

Xicor -Son-in-law

Goten -Son-in-law

Maiz is the wife of Broly, the mother of Tato and Fura, and the grandmother of Tomi and Nyx. Maiz is not really an antagonist, or protagonist, she is more neutral, and the ruler of the universe, and rarely fights in Dragonball GW. Her name pun is on 'corn'. She has a cameo appearance in the very beginning of Dragonball GW, and other times, times I haven't decided on yet.

Personality Edit

Maiz is calm, peaceful, and a natural born leader.

Techniques/Special Abilities Edit

-All of them

Trivia Edit

-Maiz is the goddess of all.

-Even though she is very powerful, Maiz doesn't fight unless her universe, and/or daughters are in danger.