Luckdragon is a member of Peccatum, also known as the Seven Keys.

Luckdragon believes that there is no morality or order in the world, and that the only true force in existence is luck.

After stumbling on to one of the mystical Seven Keys, Luckdragon aqquired magical powers that are all based on charms and other things associated with luck.

Morality: Villain

Rank: Semi-Elite


Luckdragon is covered in charms which can be used for attacking. Luckdragon is also very skilled, and uses cursed objects as weapons also.

Mirror- Can cause clone of yourself to fight you

Clover- Creates four of herself

Lucky charm- can create whatever thing the charm looks like


Luckdragon is very superstisious.


Luckdragon is named after a mythical creature which is associated with good luck.