"I can't explain how I know you...but your name, like a ray of sunlight, emerged from the darkness of my mind."- Lett to Cabe

Dragonball GW Edit

Lett is a man who is obsessed with Cabe, apparently having some unexpained "connection" to her. Although it seems at first as if he is only obsessed with her, it is revealed later in the series that he truly loves her. What is even more surprising is that in the Seror Saga, Cabe is revealed to return his feelings. He is shown protecting Cabe from Seror, but is easily defeated by the superior fiend.

Lett is the god of thought, and his powers are very similar to that of Cabe's.


Lett is obsessive, but is also kind, brave, and honest. He loves Cabe enough to follow her into the Khoas Dimesnion (Dimension 13).


Confusion- confses his opponent

Mind Control- can influence his opponent's thinking.

Emotion Manipulation- Can influence the emotions of his opponent

Mental Breakdown (most effective)- Can cause his opponent to mentally shut down. There are three degrees of this

1: Breakdown- opponent finds himself almst unable to have clear thought

2:Incapacitation- opponent is unable to move

3: Total Shutdown- opponent "shuts down" (goes into coma)