When Cabe challenged Lillia (DBZ another future) to a duel, a bunch of rouges were watching. The rouges poured their power into Lillia and then Parasyte possessed her. Parasyte, using Lillia's body, created Fake Ziam. Fake Ziam is a small manifestation of the real Ziam's power. Cabe created an entire dimension, called the Khoas Dimension, to trap Fake Ziam. The powers were returned to the rouges and everyone thought evrything was all right. However, the real Ziam was able to track down Fake Ziam. She then took over the Khaos Dimension.


The Khaos Dimension is the main setting of the Dragonball (blank). Most of the people in the Khaos dimension (Dimension 13) are far more powerful than those in (Dimension 1)