This is a little guide to the wiki created by me, Marshmallow (mmm123). (I mean I created the guide, not the wiki) There are some things you should know about this wiki that could really help you when looking, editing, and creating new characters.

Gods and GoddessesEdit

One of the things that makes this wiki unique are the gods and godesses. Gods and goddesses are usually immortal, and most have a higher power level than ordinary super saiyans. Often, a god or godess has a particular skill set. Take, for example, the goddess Zephyr. She is the goddess of the wind, and many of her attacks are related to the wind. (Surprise.) Usually, the more powerful a god or goddess is, the more influental its subject is. A prime example of this are the goddesses Tato and Fura. Tato has power over all things dark, while Fura has power over all things light. They are somewhat equally matched, since their domains are equally influential.


We have many females on this wiki...(I blame me) so if you could create some male characters, that would reeeeaaaallllyyyyy help us out. If you make this really awesome female, that's great too. Just saying.

Other Fanfic WikisEdit

We occasionally use characters from other fanfic wikis as well as from the origional show. (But we ALWAYS give credit.) Tato is married to Xicor on this wiki. We also (occasionally) use characters from the DBZ Another Future

That's pretty much it!!! Bye :)