Gemmazon is a planet ruled by Shimmer,which is full of gemlike aliens. There are social classes of aliens

Queen Diamond- This is Shimmer.

Court of Jewels- Comprised of each gemstone race's most powerful representative.

Lords of Gemstone- Influence the midde class, are noble and wealthy

Middle Class- Middle-class gemstones.

Peasants- Peasants. Almost no power at all.

Wedding RitualsEdit

The Gemmazonians are a highly sophisticated and cultured group of aliens, so they have wedding ritual instead of mating rituals.

Since Gemmazonian cultured is centered around gems and precious metals, there are "wedding gems". Gems serve all purposes in Gemmazoinan culture. During the wedding ritual, they say their vows on whatever gems they choose (there need to be two identical gems.) The gem is worn as a pendant and is a sign of love. If they gem is destroyed, then that is a sign the couple is divorced. There is sually one type of "wedding gem" per class:

Here is a list of gems usually used: Diamond- Reserved only for the Queen Diamond Ruby- Reserved for relatives of the Queen Diamond Emerald- Reserved for members of the Court of Jewels

Races of GemstonesEdit

Onyx- They are the vicious, heartless warriors.

Topaz- They are the tricksters and strategists

Amethyst- They are the healers

Emerald- they are the loyal knights

Ruby- they are the haughty,vain ones

Sapphires- They can be cruel