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This is a COMPLETELY Fan-made wiki by me, GRACON 1, and "Marshmallow" (mmm123)  If you want to contribute, go right ahead XD. There are some rules: YOU CANNOT JUST TAKE SOMEONE ELSE'S OC AND PUT IT ON THIS WIKI! YOU NEED THEIR PERMISSION, OR YOU HAVE TO CREDIT THEM! AND YOU CAN NOT MAKE YOUR OC REAAALLLYY CREEPY, DISTURBING, OR INNAPROPRIATE IN ANY WAY!!!!! (It's ok if the oc is a villan, just don't put anything that could scare a younger viewer) Though we have A LOT of articles to finish and we need all the help we can get! Also, we are a little short on OC's so we would love to have yours on this wiki......Just as long as it isn't creepy, disturbing, or innapropriate, and it can't be Broly or Xicor's wife. So please enjoy this wiki, and if you want to put an OC on this wiki, don't hesitate :-) just follow our rules

And just incase you have a character that you want to be cannon in this doujinshi, we would appreciate it if you followed our terms.

Credits: Dragonball Series-Akira Toriyama, Toei Animation, FUNimation etc.) Xicor/Zaiko-Toyble


Dragonball GW is a fan-made series after Dragonball AF (another fan-made series) where Xicor/Zaiko returns to gain vengeance on Goku and all the other Z-Fighters. But this time he brought his daughters, Tomi and Cabe along with him. The two cause chaos all over the Earth, but Goku isn't strong to beat them alone, so he summons Tato (Xicor's wife, Tomi and Cabe's mother, Broly's daughter etc.) to put an end to their evil doing...until Dike appears, and tries to punish everyone. (Note: these are seperate sagas) There are also a lot of other skits and series!

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