Doomsdae is the birth planet of Zephyr, as well as other minor characters. Most people on Doomsdae have element-based powers, if they have powers at all. There are many different type of powers. However, the main four are fire, ice, wind, and water. The Doomdaenians who have these powers are the most powerful members of their society.

Doomdae's Academy for Special GirlsEdit

Doomsadae's Academy for Special Girls is a training camp where females are trained to withstand incredible pain and to kill without mercy. At the end of their training, the girls all kill each other. Whoever is the last one alive becomes the bride of the prince. Zephyr and her "friend" were the winners. (Each combattant is assigned a slave who acts as their "friend"). Zephyr, after winning, was congratulated. Then the king and the prince ordered the slave to kill Zephyr. Thus, Zephyr was forced to kill her only friend.

Blade also attented the academy, but unlike the other girls, she was not forced to go. She attended of her own free will. Blade's obsession with strength led her to ask to attend. However, Blade did not participate. She was there for training, not to marry the prince.

The Academy is a sick parody of a boarding school.


The King and Royal Family- The top class

The Element King's Elite- THe secon highest class

Everyone else consitutes the lowest class.