Chickpea is Tato's maid, as well as one of her trusted bodyguards. She is actually the sister of one of Tato's other bodyguards, Garbanz.

She is usually very nice, but she despises Xicor because he mugged her a few years ago. Despite the fact she pretty much just does cleaning for Tato, she an be quite a force to be reckoned with.

Chickpea is probably the weakest member of Tato's Elite. She is strong, but she cannot compare to the other members.


Although Chickpea does mainly cleaning, she is very tough and strong. She is usually very polite.


Kai Blast

Strength- Can become a hundred times stronger

Drain- Can lower the power level of opponents by half, while boosting own power level


  • Chickpea is another name for Garbanzo bean