Cabe 1

Cabe dusting herself off

 Cabe is the twin sister of Pamy, as well as the daughter of  Tato. Cabe has a price on her head just as Tomi does. Like her sister, she is a goddess of chaos.
Alternate Names:

Cabe Sama

Cabe Son

Demon Princess

Cabe has a major role in many sagas, including the Dark Goddess saga, the Tomi saga, and the Judgement Day saga. Cabe is actually a powerful antiheroine, which is when a person is both a hero and a villain.


Cabe takes after her Tato in terms of looks and personality. She is confident, bold, and very, very sassy. Cabe's personality changes. At times she has a strong sense of mortality and a decent heart. However, she is as glad to battle heroes as much as villains.

Item of InterestEdit

Cabe's prized possession (besides her motorcycles) is her golden apple. Like in the Greek Myth, she has a golden apple that everyone desires. She also uses it to amplify her chaos chi.

Wierd Fact: She is physcially connected to her golden apple.


Cabe loves motorcycles. Each of her motorcycles has names and a special power. Here's a list of them and their powers:

  • Ghost (white): Able to pass through solid matter
  • Midnight (black): Able to make everything turn pitch dark
  • Shadow (gray): Able to turn it and its rider invisible
  • Demon (red): Able to start flames
  • Sky (blue): Flies

Favorite Quote: "You just bought yourself a one-way ticket to Tartar."