Barlee is a fan of Tato who often cheers her on when she fights. Tato is a bit annoyed by Barlee, but she bears him. Barlee is often captured by the villains of the story. Barlee is a minor character, but proves to be a constant thorn in Tato's side.




Barley is naiive, nice, and totally obsesses over Tato.


Barlee's room is covered with photos of Tato, articles about Tato, and posters of Tato.

Barlee once saw Fura and confused her with Tato. It went something like this:

Fura- Look, kid, I'm not Tato. I'm Fura, her twin sister.

Barlee- Aw, nuts.

Fura- (sympathetically) You can still have my autograph if you want it.

Barlee- Meh. (Walks away).

Fura- I must be Tato, because I really want to deck him.

Dedicated ToEdit

This character is dedicated to my friend Gracon! Thanks for being such a good friend!!! :)