Avacada is a galactic emperess. She has an alien legion at her command, and she is shown trying to take over planets: mainly Gemmazon and Earth.

Avacada is the mother of Terykai (Shimmer) and Metallum, as well as the goddess of wealth and power (of the political sense). Avacada was the ruler of Gemmazon before Terykai. When her advisor and lover Brocc told her that every person on Gemmazon's power would malfunction and cause Gemmazon to combust, she sent Terykai and Metallum to Earth.

Avacada then fled her home planet and escaped to an unknown planet. However, Gemmazon did not explode. Brocc had lied to Avacada so she would leave. Brocc then took over, but he was a horrible leader. Gemmazon experienced a time of  called the Great Rust, and Brocc became known as the "Rust King".

Then, after Terykai returned to her home planet and was proclaimed Queen Diamond, Avacada came back to reclaim her throne. The people of Gemmazon refuse, since Terykai was a much better leader than Avacada.


Avacada is self-righteous, ambitious, greedy, haughty, and vain.


Yellow Kai-kai blast

Gem Powers- See Shimmer

Metal Powers- See Metallum