Aeta is an extremely powerful goddess who has complete control over time. She can tansport anyone to the future or the past, and has complete understanding of all significant events that will happen in the future. She can also "warp" the past, dropping important objects or people into certain time periods, which would affect the future. She can also interfere in the affairs of the past herself. She can also affect the speed of time for individuals. For example, she can make a person stay the same age in a hundred years, or make a decade of aging pass for one person in a week. Aeta was actually born around the time Maiz was born.

Aeta was good at first, but she became evil. She is believed to be an ally of Dike, the goddess of justice. Her name comes from "Aetas", which is Latin for time.

Quote: "What slays the mightiest foe, wears the tallest mountain, turns the hottest fire to ash and turns all things to dust? Time. Time is everything, and time is more powerful than all creation."


Aeta is calm, cool, and collected. She is also intelligent, calclating, and manipulative.